Frequently Asked Questions

Luxe Royale is a company that helps relieve timeshare owners from underneath their timeshare ownership obligations. We offer an affordable, convenient, and guaranteed solution to eliminate the expenses and ongoing liabilities associated with your timeshare. Our procedure is overseen by our team of legal advisors and is executed by our partners at Stewart Title, with your satisfaction guaranteed. And best of all we don't charge for our services until the process is complete, and you've verified everything for yourself.
If your timeshare is paid off in full and your Maintenance Fees and Special Assessments are current, then yes, you likely qualify for our assistance in transfering you from underneath your timeshare obligations. However, we do not make any false promises or mislead you. We give it to you straight. If your property meets the legal qualifications, we will review our simple transfer process with you to ensure it is indeed the best option for you and your family, then we go to work on your behalf. Contact us today to receive an honest evaluation of your timeshare. Even if your resort does not qualify for our service, our consultants will still be there to provide you with the direction and advice that other companies cannot offer and will not provide you with, free of charge. There is no obligation for our consultation, and if you do decide to hire us, you'll be happy to know that we gaurentee our service with a 100% client satisfaction promise, or you don't pay us a penny.
Luxe Royale’s Timeshare relief program is intended for people who:
Are no longer using their timeshare.
Inherited a timeshare they don’t want.
Bought a timeshare with a spouse, but are now widowed or divorced and are no longer using the timeshare.
Have tried to sell their timeshare before, but found no prospective buyers.
Frustrated owners who have found it difficult to travel where they want, and when they want using their timeshare due to trading, and exchange difficulties. Frustrated owners that have seen maintenance fees start out being reasonable, but have now seen them nearly double or triple.
Are tired of jumping through hoops to try to use the timeshare.
Have found new ways of traveling that cost much less than using the timeshare.
Have children who do not want to inherit the timeshare.
Owners who simply just want out.
Yes, ownership is legally transferred from out of your name. Depending on the ownership type, the title is transferred via Warranty Deed, Membership Lease, Assignment, or as required by the resort's official governing documents (Covenants, Conditions, and Restrictions).
Luxe Royale works directly with Stewart Title, a licensed, insured, and bonded title company assigned to facilitate the transfer of the title out of your name.
The transfer process typically takes between 1-3 weeks, assuming that all the necessary documents have been submitted upon request. This does not include the time the resort or the county recorders office may need to complete their filing process. This is typically a really quick process and usually doesn't take longer than a week to verify the completed transfer.
From the day of closing, Luxe Royale and or its assigns will be responsible for paying all future maintenance fees, special assessments, and property taxes related to the ownership of the timeshare.
Once Luxe Royale assumes ownership responsibilities of your timeshare, we place the property in our title holding company that is specifically responsible for liquidating timeshares. The timeshares go through a number of different channels of recipients; Some will go back to the resort where it was purchased while others go to international brokers, private parties, travel wholesalers, and several other resources. Luxe Royale does not want your timeshare, nor do we keep it for any purpose other than to liquidate it.
Once Luxe Royale has assumed ownership responsibilities of your timeshare, we also assume any and all future fees that are associated with the timeshare as well. Meaning you will NEVER have to pay a single timeshare related fee again!
Luxe Royale is not a listing or resale company. Luxe Royale DOES NOT charge a “Listing Fee”, “Advertising Fee” or “Appraisal Fee” promising to transfer the property once a ghost "buyer" is identified, that's what Ebay is for. Our services are guaranteed to transfer the timeshare out of your name, and you don't pay us a penny to do it until you've verified for yourself that you are indeed out of your timeshare.
We guarantee our results at Luxe Royale, and you don't pay us anything until we're done. Our experience as a leader in the industry speaks for itself. The important thing to remember throughout this process is that you are not alone. Thousands of people just like yourself have entered into similar contracts consisting of overpriced and constantly fluctuating Maintenance Fees, Special Assessments, and taxes. The goal now is to relieve your family out of that financial burden. Contact our Timeshare relief specialists and receive your free consultation today.
Of course. Please call our offices at 1.702.487.LUXE (5893) to speak with a live representative. Another option is to submit your contact information directly through this website and we'll have a relief specialist call you at your requested time. Simply fill out the short contact form below with any questions you may have, and we'll contact you at your convenience to discuss how we can help you achieve complete timeshare freedom.